100 Jahre Makkabi Warschau

Gerne unterstützen wir jeder Makkabär!

Makkabi Warschau feiert 100 Jahre und sie laden euch ein:


Makabi Warszawa (Jewish Sport Club in Poland) would love to invite you to join our celebration of 100th aniversary. The main event will be Relay Race you can sign up for ! In addtion football match with our counterpart from Krakow and much more. 

A detailed description of the event: http://makabiwarszawa.pl/?page_id=320 
REGISTRATION OF PARTICIPANTS: http://makabiwarszawa.pl/?page_id=29 
Agenda for 100th aniversary of MAKABI WARSZAWA: http://makabiwarszawa.pl/?page_id=364 
A poster promoting the event: http://makabiwarszawa.pl/?page_id=358


Relay Race | ?TGS Makabi Warszawa


Relay Race, You are welcome to participate in Relay Race of 100th Aniversary of Makabi Warszawa

Natürlich gratulieren wir Makkabi Warschau! Mazal tov!